The client, recently started exploring an independent consulting and programming firm. At one of our gatherings he shared his need for a logo with me and laid out his initial perspective and intentions.

I knew he needed more than a logo, he needed a brand that will complement his growth, intentions and will allow him to represent himself in a suitable manner.

One of his hobbies is boat sailing, in which he saw a lot of the qualities he sought after in his firm. And the sextant, a navigation instrument, is an object that aligns with those qualities.

My goal was to create a strong visual statement that will resonate with the vision he seeks to achieve for the organisation. I used the great qualities of the first letter `A`, an up arrow, a direction forward.

And embedded the sextant instrument to create a strong and unifying sentiment, feeling almost like a shield. A strong institution that will professionally lead you towards your goal.

Typographically I strived to portray his years of experience by choosing the serif typeface `Athelas`. To complement him being a mentor, and consultant, I chose the use of a san serif typeface `Gill Sans`. Together, they will portray the strength and qualities of the brand.

I had a great emphasis to differentiate the brand from the emotional element of death, as for the initial parameters of coding and computers, mere tools. And steer to more emotional elements, like trust, home, human.

Therefore, I translated `programing` into its form in art `cross hatching` which uses a sequence of 0 and 1 of lines to create a form. And used deep, yet slightly warm colors to set the right experience.