Podcast Feature

At the third year, as part of the curriculum, each student was presented with a range of studio classes to rank and choose from. One of them was the User Experience studio in which this project is taken from.

The class discussed brief key elements for developing products, and the Sprint method was presented to us for the first time. We used it to develop features for a fictional Bezalel podcast application. And the development of `How might we` that later came up during the class session. Then continue and develop the selected feature in pairs.

I have been fortunate to be paired with a great partner, Noam Palombo, who chose the HMW of – “How could we promote media production and collaboration from students?”.

And developed the idea of a `comment wall` that lets you reply to a section of a podcast, and thus creating a new podcast in the form of a discussion stemming from the original podcast.

This action opens the opportunity for the initial podcast to expand into numerous discussions and increase student collaboration and media creation.

We started by creating a storyboard, and a preliminary setup where the main features will be and how the user will interact with them. Each design cycle was reviewed by the studio teacher and her assistant. This led to a creation of a working prototype and live user testing.

The tests were screen and voice recorded - it allowed us to understand the weakness and strengths of the prototype. Those, in turn, were taken into consideration as the final design cycle.

Before and after - Created comment

Before and after - Podcast sample