Ivrit At Ivrit

As part of `Typography` Class.

Ivrit At Ivrit, conference is taking place, and as an class exercise received to portray an option to that event.

I Started with defining the theme for the project. I took the learning process, from the ground up. And he Hebrew language, which relived here in Israel. Language with that grate of value to the location the seminar is taken place at, was in great deal for me to express.

In a visualisation of a topographic map. A journey or even an adventure.

For that project, I expressed three different takes -

The middle, poster is designed in such a way. That an exact copy of the poster could be printed as a brochure and be handed out to the attendances. leaving an even close emotional feeling, and completing whole circle with the idea of a journey

By giving a `Map` to the event.

The second and third, continue the vision. And by the use of layout,

devision and hierarchy portray the journey the conference holds.